Europe in Samcheongdong

A lovely cafe called “Slow Garden Coffee and Waffle” in Samcheongdong, Seoul (above).

Samcheongdong is the cafe and boutique filled area next to the presidential Blue House. There is a lot of security in this area but it is a peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Many of the cafes and boutiques here are European inspired. Seoulites will usually say that Garosugil is a lot like the Europe of Seoul, but I feel that Samcheongdong is too. The cafes in particular boasts a vintage look and feel while serving modern foods. Much of the shopping and signage in Samcheongdong is artsy and crafty – most of which is managed and created by local designers and artists.

Storefronts will often display a sort of chic-Euro-Seoul eclectic mix – vintage looking bicycles, scooters, lots of greenery, ceramics, etc.

The residential part of Samcheongdong is mostly older homes – traditional Korean styles similar to the Bukchon area. Mix this with the eclectic modern neighborhood eateries and shops and you have one unique Seoul town.

Delicious ice cream in Seoul

Just a short post here. Fell + Cole ice cream was started by San Francisco native, Choi Ho June or “Tristan.”
My friend Ari introduced me to them and they did not fail to please!
They serve up organic, unique flavors of ice cream in Hongdae. The shop is unassuming – a rather bare-bones kind of a place.
Great customer service and ice cream. Below are the salted caramel ice cream (A++!) and “grandma’s persimmon” scoops.

Cat Cafe in Hongdae

One of the many pet cafes in Hongdae. This cat cafe is particularly full of friendly cats.
Once visitors enter, lockers and slippers are provided – visitors then buy their ticket for 1 visit and 1 drink.
Pet cafes aren’t really “allowed” in the states for health and safety reasons so it was a fun and interesting experience for me.
I would definitely visit again!

Apple Sharlotka and Food Photography via an App

I was really pleased with myself when I successfully baked an Apple Sharlotka this past weekend.The recipe is derived from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. I used smaller apples and about 1/4 less sugar than the recipe calls for. I’m thinking of using brown sugar next time to see what that tastes like.

A note on the Hipstamatic App for iPhone: The app allows for “artsy” photos using various lens packs. It’s not free like Instagram but I like it.

Here some of my old photos using the app:

HoHo Myoll Cafe

HoHo Myoll is a whimsical, cute, and cozy cafe in Hongdae, Seoul.
Apparently, HoHo Myoll is a name derived from the Volkswagen van plus the owner’s cat’s name. The cafe is thematic in 60s and 70s nostalgic items.
The lattes, mochas, and cakes are pretty tasty – not the best but made with care and served with a smile.
It’s a rather comfy and welcoming cafe worth visiting!

[Nikon D3s, 50mm lens]