Italian Food in Seoul – 그 안에 맛있는 이탈리안

My Eemo-bu (“uncle”) took my aunt and I to a delicious Italian restaurant in Seoul. The name is a bit long for a restaurant – “그 안에 맛있는 이탈리안,” roughly translated to “that tasty Italian place.” A real rough translation. The food boasts flavor and simplicity gilded by rather attentive service (for a regularly busy place). The open kitchen is interesting for patrons to view. I found myself frequently looking into the kitchen – perhaps hoping for a flambé…

Kalguksu Street, Namdaemun

Namdaemun market has various food-centric streets. Each alley or street specializes in a specific Korean food and drink. This particular section is Kalguksu street (knife-cut noodles). The service is friendly and welcoming even in a busy and cramped space.

I tried different color editing…haha….