Seafood from Noryangjin

Just a couple of things I ate while I visited Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul. Crab shell filled with seafood fried rice and live octopus cut onto a plate (yes, it’s true!). These photos can also be seen in my first published article in the very first issue of Bridge Paperzine! I’m so happy to be a small part of ROKing Magazine/Bridge. I’ll post more information and photos of the publication once I get my hands on a hard copy!

Sheep Cafe in Hongdae

A unique cafe experience in Hongdae, Seoul. The cafe, Thanks Nature Cafe, has two happy and live sheep hanging out just outside the cafe. You can feed the sheep, have some coffee and snacks next to them, pet them, etc. The owner of the sheep is often in the cafe – you can see him working on his laptop in one of the photos above. He’s very hipster and friendly :)

Admiral Yi Sun Sin, Gwanghwamun

Gwanghwamun area, Seoul. This fast-paced, super modern area also houses statues and old palaces memorializing Korean history. This statue of Admiral Yi Sun Sin (이순신) overlooks the busy streets filled with cars and pedestrians. He is considered a Korean hero – as a Naval commander, he battled against Japanese invasion. Apparently, one of his most remarkable defeats was during the battle of Myeongnyang where his soldiers were outnumbered 333 ships to 13. Admiral Yi died in 1598 during battle.

A Quick Night Out in Los Angeles

Ari was in town so I took her to the Griffith Observatory and Fred62 diner. It was a good time! I tried to take some night photos with my Fujifilm x100. It was a challenge…the camera seems to “search” a lot in low light. The metering is pretty accurate but certainly limited. But of course, this camera isn’t meant to perform like the super fast and sharp Nikon D3s…that is a very unfair comparison. With that said, it’s a fun camera to use – it’s stylish, light, and super quiet. Here are some shots that turned out OK :)