Summer of 2019

Gee it has been a while! Some snaps of what I did this summer…I mostly ate a lot.

If you know anything about me, I LOVE the John Wick movies.
KBBQ in Irvine!
Really tasty fries in Santa Monica.
Met Christina Tosi in Vegas at a book signing! She was cool.
Delicious brawts in LA.
Yummy rice bowls on Abbot Kinney.
Another one.
Very good breakfast sandwich from the beautiful restaurant Morning Glory in San Diego.
Went to my first ever San Diego Comic Con! Got to see Conan!!
Mouthwatering lobster roll.
The Simpsons Land!
Learned the right name of my long-time favorite food, Beijing Kaoya.
Adopted a plant. Named it Fernie Sanders lolll.
Dim sum!

Mahalo Maui!

Photos from my iPhone.

Before I get started on my post-vacation work-out and stricter dieting (I feel like I gained 100lbs on this vacation!), here I go reminiscing yummy treats and sights! Missing Maui already. It was a great time with great people.

IMG_3809Saw this on our walk towards Turtle Town/Makena beach. What are they? Don’t seem like coconuts due to the color and leaves but maybe they are…..?

IMG_3816Roaming goat on our small hike towards La Perouse Bay. Doesn’t look like Maui for a minute!

IMG_3794Found at a vintage/antique shop in Paia.

IMG_3672Giant-ass palm leaves!

IMG_3700Beautiful sunset from Gannon’s Restaurant, overlooking nicely kept golf course grounds.

IMG_3707My favorite! Big Beach! The waves were ready for us!

IMG_3715Yellow hibiscus flower on the hotel grounds, Grand Wailea. I wanted to pick them but refrained myself :)

IMG_3752Fried Spam Musubi from Da Kitchen Cafe.

IMG_3754Jess and I drove to a somewhat ghetto neighborhood for these. Malasadas – made hot and fresh to order! From Home Maid Bakery.

IMG_3787Waves building up on our way to La Perouse Bay.

IMG_3788View from the car, lava rocks and otherworldly land!

IMG_3790La Perouse Bay.

imageView towards the ocean and pools, Grand Wailea Resort.

imageOne of my favorite treats while in Maui – CookKwee’s!