Long time! It’s cold.

Much has happened since my last post in August 2016. Wow! That was some time ago!

Firstly, I’m writing this on a Wednesday night, hoping to post the next day. We’ll see…

  1. So Trump is POTUS…gross. However, the good news is…
  2. I (and several others!) have a newfound motivation and voice to support and donate intensely to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and public schools however and whenever possible! I mean, seriously: Yikes.
  3. The holidays were good. Didn’t travel anywhere but had a good time with loved ones. Jess got me some awesome stuff for xmas!
  4. I turned another year older….January birthday!
  5. I got into cross-stitch. Of course my first project was a burger…
  6. I started a new role at work! Similar but added more responsibilities! I’m a lot busier and doing a wider range of things.

Here’s a hike we took! Wintery, greenery. Love is love is love is love! <3




Mahalo Maui!

Photos from my iPhone.

Before I get started on my post-vacation work-out and stricter dieting (I feel like I gained 100lbs on this vacation!), here I go reminiscing yummy treats and sights! Missing Maui already. It was a great time with great people.

IMG_3809Saw this on our walk towards Turtle Town/Makena beach. What are they? Don’t seem like coconuts due to the color and leaves but maybe they are…..?

IMG_3816Roaming goat on our small hike towards La Perouse Bay. Doesn’t look like Maui for a minute!

IMG_3794Found at a vintage/antique shop in Paia.

IMG_3672Giant-ass palm leaves!

IMG_3700Beautiful sunset from Gannon’s Restaurant, overlooking nicely kept golf course grounds.

IMG_3707My favorite! Big Beach! The waves were ready for us!

IMG_3715Yellow hibiscus flower on the hotel grounds, Grand Wailea. I wanted to pick them but refrained myself :)

IMG_3752Fried Spam Musubi from Da Kitchen Cafe.

IMG_3754Jess and I drove to a somewhat ghetto neighborhood for these. Malasadas – made hot and fresh to order! From Home Maid Bakery.

IMG_3787Waves building up on our way to La Perouse Bay.

IMG_3788View from the car, lava rocks and otherworldly land!

IMG_3790La Perouse Bay.

imageView towards the ocean and pools, Grand Wailea Resort.

imageOne of my favorite treats while in Maui – CookKwee’s!

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