Oxford, UK

In August 2022, had the opportunity to visit the UK for the first time. Oxford is so lovely and I enjoyed my time thoroughly! Photos from my iPhone 11 Pro.

English breakfast and lots of poached eggs + toast type of meals! My favorite one was from The Ivy – beautiful interior, thoughtful service, great food.

Cool shops, vintage/antique vibes.
Prestigious and so much history. Oxford University area.
Oxford covered market – very cute and welcoming.
The chocolate or Dairy Milk here just hits different…

Europe in Samcheongdong

A lovely cafe called “Slow Garden Coffee and Waffle” in Samcheongdong, Seoul (above).

Samcheongdong is the cafe and boutique filled area next to the presidential Blue House. There is a lot of security in this area but it is a peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Many of the cafes and boutiques here are European inspired. Seoulites will usually say that Garosugil is a lot like the Europe of Seoul, but I feel that Samcheongdong is too. The cafes in particular boasts a vintage look and feel while serving modern foods. Much of the shopping and signage in Samcheongdong is artsy and crafty – most of which is managed and created by local designers and artists.

Storefronts will often display a sort of chic-Euro-Seoul eclectic mix – vintage looking bicycles, scooters, lots of greenery, ceramics, etc.

The residential part of Samcheongdong is mostly older homes – traditional Korean styles similar to the Bukchon area. Mix this with the eclectic modern neighborhood eateries and shops and you have one unique Seoul town.