Summer of 2019

Gee it has been a while! Some snaps of what I did this summer…I mostly ate a lot.

If you know anything about me, I LOVE the John Wick movies.
KBBQ in Irvine!
Really tasty fries in Santa Monica.
Met Christina Tosi in Vegas at a book signing! She was cool.
Delicious brawts in LA.
Yummy rice bowls on Abbot Kinney.
Another one.
Very good breakfast sandwich from the beautiful restaurant Morning Glory in San Diego.
Went to my first ever San Diego Comic Con! Got to see Conan!!
Mouthwatering lobster roll.
The Simpsons Land!
Learned the right name of my long-time favorite food, Beijing Kaoya.
Adopted a plant. Named it Fernie Sanders lolll.
Dim sum!

Twenty Seven

I don’t usually write much but I will try my best to add more words along with the following photos.
What was this weekend?  So. Much. Food.
All photos taken with my Fujifilm x100.

Late lunch in Richmond at the supposedly famous Kirin Seafood Restaurant. When in Richmond, must eat dim sum...



After lunch, had to walk around a lot to not feel like a slow moving walrus.
The perfume store must be a real pain in the ass to dust…




Found some sweets to eat + ate dinner at the famous Japadog.
We never found out who drove the Lamborghini but with hot dogs this unique and delicious, barely noticed…


Time to find some drinks. With all the colorful lights, the wet pavement looked painted…


Found drinks at a trendy spot. “Girly” drinks…

Waking up wasn’t as bad as I expected. The view straight from my bed. Good morning, Vancouver…


Sunday lunch at Cafe Medina.
For someone like me, the promise of a good meal is enchanting enough to wait in line for an hour. Fairly worth the wait.

Lavendar latte + braised short rib, eggs, potatoes in a hot skillet + waffle with white-chocolate pistachio rosewater sauce...




Here’s to (hopefully) many more years of good health, good eats, and happiness!