Wallace Falls

Went hiking into Wallace Falls late in the day. I think we began at the trailhead around 3:30pm. It was dark in the forest by 5pm. And no, we didn’t bring a flashlight or any sort of survival gear should we happen to get stuck in the dark.  It was so dark on our trek back that I couldn’t even see my feet. Effing genius. Hiking 101 failed. Oh, and you know what rescued us? The goddamn iPhone flashlight. After dissing on iOS7 since it’s release, it saved our lives.

Anyway. Before almost dying in the forest, I got some photos. I really love all the greenery and fallen leaves. Quite beautiful.

Fujifilm x100.






Hiking with Family – Snohomish

Went to the “Ice Caves” in Snohomish with family today. It was the perfect weather for a nice simple hike.I was surprised at how quaint and cute the Snohomish town center area was. Never knew this existed. I’d be more than happy to come to this area again. I will have to discover some more hiking trails here!

Magenta/warm tones!

Tried to do a blue-hue/cool tone edit. It’s a hard balance to manage for me but I think it works easily with snow and rock!



Grainy noisy photo – ISO was at 500. Sad. It’s okay though – my dog looks cute and I still love my Fujifilm x100 despite some shortcomings.


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