Mushroom Stand, SF Ferry Building Market

Mushroom stand in the San Francisco Ferry Building. We bought dried Shiitake mushrooms and some truffle-mustard spread.
It’s fascinating how many varieties of mushrooms exist…way beyond what you see at markets. Fungi! :)
Fujifilm X100.

From the OC to Seattle

Recently drove from the OC (Southern California) to Seattle, WA (yes it was raining when we arrived).
Total number of hours driven: 23, not including sight-seeing around stops.

Here are some quick pics via the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone :)

Took this while driving across SF’s famous bridge.

A tad blurry…From the popular Brenda’s Soul Food in SF. Crawfish beignet.

Boutique in Portland, OR.

Trendy, famous coffee stop, Blue Bottle Coffee in SF.