Belly-dancing, LARPers, and…a Ferris Wheel

We went to a belly-dancing festival over the weekend. Saw some LARPers too…Afterwards, went to go eat at the Crab Pot and take a walk around the pier. Oh yeah, Seattle got a ferris wheel recently. Actually reminds me of Santa Monica…Oddly, I find myself missing SoCal a bit these days. Hm.

From the OC to Seattle

Recently drove from the OC (Southern California) to Seattle, WA (yes it was raining when we arrived).
Total number of hours driven: 23, not including sight-seeing around stops.

Here are some quick pics via the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone :)

Took this while driving across SF’s famous bridge.

A tad blurry…From the popular Brenda’s Soul Food in SF. Crawfish beignet.

Boutique in Portland, OR.

Trendy, famous coffee stop, Blue Bottle Coffee in SF.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! I should have posted this on January 1st but…here we are.
Over the holiday break I visited my family in Seattle. It’s always fun to visit.
I had a good time eating, walking around the city, shopping, revisiting my favorite spots, etc..

Alleyway downtown Seattle, WA [iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic app, Helga Viking lens]

Pork belly, egg, and waffle from Skillet Diner in Seattle [iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic app, Helga Viking lens]

Decorations at the downtown Seattle Anthropologie [iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic app, Helga Viking lens]