Apple Sharlotka and Food Photography via an App

I was really pleased with myself when I successfully baked an Apple Sharlotka this past weekend.The recipe is derived from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe. I used smaller apples and about 1/4 less sugar than the recipe calls for. I’m thinking of using brown sugar next time to see what that tastes like.

A note on the Hipstamatic App for iPhone: The app allows for “artsy” photos using various lens packs. It’s not free like Instagram but I like it.

Here some of my old photos using the app:

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! I should have posted this on January 1st but…here we are.
Over the holiday break I visited my family in Seattle. It’s always fun to visit.
I had a good time eating, walking around the city, shopping, revisiting my favorite spots, etc..

Alleyway downtown Seattle, WA [iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic app, Helga Viking lens]

Pork belly, egg, and waffle from Skillet Diner in Seattle [iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic app, Helga Viking lens]

Decorations at the downtown Seattle Anthropologie [iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic app, Helga Viking lens]