Sheep Cafe in Hongdae

A unique cafe experience in Hongdae, Seoul. The cafe, Thanks Nature Cafe, has two happy and live sheep hanging out just outside the cafe. You can feed the sheep, have some coffee and snacks next to them, pet them, etc. The owner of the sheep is often in the cafe – you can see him working on his laptop in one of the photos above. He’s very hipster and friendly :)

Author: Joa

Freelance photographer, obsessed with cats, and food enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Sheep Cafe in Hongdae”

  1. Hi,

    may I check if you have the address for this sheep cafe? I will be heading to Korea in May and would love to visit something unique! 고마워요!

  2. Hi,
    Would like you to give direction on how to go to this Sheep Cafe from Hongik Univ Subway Station? Or is there any nearer subway station? What is the Korean name for this sheep cafe? Possible to visit this cafe in Winter month Dec?

  3. Whoa~~ Who is this brilliant man running that cafe???
    Is he single? Can I give the sheep Eskimo kisses?
    Does the owner like Eskimo kisses?

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