HoHo Myoll Cafe

HoHo Myoll is a whimsical, cute, and cozy cafe in Hongdae, Seoul.
Apparently, HoHo Myoll is a name derived from the Volkswagen van plus the owner’s cat’s name. The cafe is thematic in 60s and 70s nostalgic items.
The lattes, mochas, and cakes are pretty tasty – not the best but made with care and served with a smile.
It’s a rather comfy and welcoming cafe worth visiting!

[Nikon D3s, 50mm lens]

Author: Joa

Freelance photographer, obsessed with cats, and food enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “HoHo Myoll Cafe”

  1. hi, nice blog. I love all your picture. This cafe looks interesting. Where’s this place? I hope to visit Seoul and hunt for this cafe ^-^

  2. Hello, I really love the pictures! My I ask for your permission to use the pictures for a youtube video’s background ? Of course, I’ll also link your blog and put the credit too on the description.

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