Snapshot of Jeju’s Famous Market

A few photos from the famous Jeju Island market (shi-jang). This market gets many visitors a year and emphasizes Jeju’s prized crops/foods such as “Gyool” which is basically a tangerine, other fruits, seafood, and various vegetables. The market is usually lively and packed with friendly and helpful vendors. Prices are very competitive and storefronts display a colorful array of products with humble handwritten signs.


Noryangjin Market, Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market is a famous market in Seoul. One unique thing about this place is that buyers can purchase their seafood/veggies on the ground floor then take it up to the second floor to have a restaurant cook it for them. People can request restaurants to prepare the seafood in any way they prefer. It’s an interesting experience that locals and tourists alike would appreciate. Vendors call out specials or sales while customers walk by and even then the prices can still be bartered – this makes for a lively market experience worth having.

[Nikon D3s, 50mm lens]