DohnSaDohn in Jeju

Jeju-do is well known for amazing pork. The quality and taste are world famous and locals and tourists alike flock to a special pork BBQ restaurant called DonSaDon/DohnSaDohn (their number is 746-8989). Visitors can see celebrity autographs on the wall of DohnSaDohn and the restaurant has been featured on many popular Korean food shows/news. Due to its popularity, we waited a good while before a table was ready for us. Once a table was ready for our large group, we were seated promptly and given aprons to wear (cooking/smell protection).

The server(s) cook most of the BBQ for you – our particular server went above and beyond making sure our food was perfect and everyone was happy. The aroma is intoxicating – the pork mouth-watering. I felt like I had been eating pork BBQ improperly my whole life. Beer and Korean cider were the perfect way to end every few bites. The food service ends with a hot pot of kimchee jjigae…which, is also great. It tastes like…home!

I long for the day when I can visit DohnSaDohn again.

Snapshot of Jeju’s Famous Market

A few photos from the famous Jeju Island market (shi-jang). This market gets many visitors a year and emphasizes Jeju’s prized crops/foods such as “Gyool” which is basically a tangerine, other fruits, seafood, and various vegetables. The market is usually lively and packed with friendly and helpful vendors. Prices are very competitive and storefronts display a colorful array of products with humble handwritten signs.