Delicious Kalguksu and Kimbahp

My aunt took me to this small restaurant on a cold autumn day. I asked what the name of the place was. She simply said it was referred to by locals as “the restaurant within the Samsung apartments.” She found out about this place via word-of-mouth. The owners of this small eatery confirmed themselves as an unnamed, non-chain restaurant. It’s not technically in Seoul – it’s located in Bundang within the main Samsung apartments. The kimbahp and kalguksu are delicious. The kalguksu is the perfect balance of hearty salty broth and noodles that have the perfect “bite” to them. The kimbahp is meatless yet packed with flavor and is rather filling. On busy days, seating may be hard to find. My aunt and I waited about 15 minutes, which is seemingly an eternity in fast-paced Korea. Regardless of the wait, the food is worthwhile. I definitely plan on visiting again!